Why do we take everything so seriously?

I read this article the other day.While one half of me thinks that it’s really interesting view my other half calls it bullshit.The article is about how rom-com undermine women.

It’s true that rom-com doesn’t paint the best picture about the relationship ,love,woman or man,but you really watch it to see the harsh reality.I understand the article but if we have a problem with an innocent romantic movie then we should look a little bit closer to the tale of Cinderella too.The prince as a crazy person started to look for Cinderella and yes she agreed to marry him because who wants to be maid instead of a queen.If you see it with a different view Cinderella gave herself easily and she didn’t really know the prince so she could choose him because of the money.Not a romantic story after all with a kind girl,am I right?Or why is that the scene with the boombox in Say Anything is undermine woman while a serenade is still a romantic gesture.

We can find always a problem and a mistake in a movie or book,but I think we watch them to see something magical because for reality everybody has a not always happy life and you are never sure that you will get your own happy ending.

When I was a child there were some Japanese anime we really liked but it was banned from the TV after a child tried to jump out from the first floor’s window because he wanted to fly.I don’t think it happened because of a violent TV show.It happened because the parents forget to teach the child how to make a difference between a cartoon and reality.If an adult believe that a PI or a cheap move will help him find the real love.If this person does something violent and bad we can’t blame the movie.I mean if I kill my friend and my defense would be that I thought he was a zombie because I watched too much Walking Dead.In this case would you ban the zombie movies and TV shows out of the theater and TV?I don’t think so.You would say that I am crazy and it’s my fault that I cannot make a difference.

If a guy is a jerk who doesn’t respect women and if the girl is a hysterical princess who cares about the money ,it’s not because they like romantic movies.Sorry this is their personality.So please don’t blame the innocent movie and when you watch one do what I do.Enjoy the jokes and don’t see something higher moral question behind it,because it was made to entertain you and not to teach you.

3 thoughts on “Why do we take everything so seriously?

  1. I read the article and it looks like a fairly classic example of film criticism. I never considered it a “serious” line of study and I believe the author isn’t going to give up on her guilty pleasure flicks either. However, she gives examples of how pick-up artists base some of their “experties” on romcom films. Why would they do that? Because of women’s apparent love for the genre.
    Film has been a good media for spreading ideas, bad and good. For me, it once gave the idea that men with facial hair were evil (not enough clean-shaven Disney villains). If an idea keeps repeated on film, people are more likely to buy into it.


    1. I understand it and I agree with it but it’s the people who believe it we can’t blame the movies and the other part of it that movies usually undermine everything men too.(Or not enough bearded princes and heroes?)


      1. Now I’m not quite sure anymore what you mean by “blaming the movies” then. All art is propaganda and film is an extended and more detailed form of it. Many of the messages in film are subtle, sometimes ridiculously so, and we can’t really blame people for not noticing something that might not be revealed until you’ve seen the film a good ten times.
        It’s not like the writer of the article suggests a ban on these type of movies. She is simply suggesting that this is one of the downsides of life imitating art and we should reconsider if we want to reinforce these false ideas in the future.


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