Please help me to understand

In my country we don’t celebrate Halloween,of course now people do Halloween themed parties,but trick or treat is not the part of it.We spend the first day of November to go to the cemetery to put some flowers and lit some candles on the family graves.But let’s see today’s topic which are the costumes.

So we have a similar holiday like Halloween.It is carnival in February to say goodbye to the winter and welcome the spring.It is more like a program for kids at school and kindergarten.We can be anyone without judgment for example once my class was the Sister Act and all of us were a nuns and our main nun ,who played Whoopi Goldberg , was painted brown by her parents.It was the part of the show where we danced for the movie’s song.It was really funny and everybody loved it.It was a bunch of kids having fun.

Now let’s see the thing that I don’t understand.People are angry when someone paints her face to be a famous African-American person for the holiday.I mean I just saw this video about this little guy who wanted to be Martin Luther King with all due respect and the teacher sent him home from school because his face,which was painted black,was disrespectful.Why was he disrespectful,if he was proud to be Martin Luther King?Is it because he painted his face black?Of course he could be him without the paint but nobody would have known that who he wanted to be,I think.

I remind you I don’t want to insult anyone I just want to understand the anger which came from the situations like that.My culture is different for example we have an annual harvest festival here and every year one of the class,from the high-school, has to play the Romany wedding in the procession.They do the same stuff every year like wear too much make up,colorful clothes with a tons of jewelry and some of them always paint their faces browner.Nobody is angry and nobody thinks that this is insulting.I know it’s not totally the same as the Halloween.However,every year I see that people attacks other people’s costume choices like last year Julianne Hough who was Crazy Eyes from the hit Netflix show Orange Is The New Black but if this person wears that costume because of respect and not mockery then please tell me why this is a problem.But this is not just about this holiday when Justin Bieber had dreadlocks it was controversial.Why?You can’t imagine how many people I see on the streets or on the Internet with them.They don’t care about its cultural meaning ,most of them just wear it because they like it.Why was Justin Bieber controversial and why wasn’t the teenage boy next door?

I am not a fan of them and I don’t want to insult anyone.I just grew up in a different environment and I really want to understand why people feel these things hurtful.Dear Reader if you can explain this to me I would be really happy.Thank you for your time.Happy Halloween!

Update:I just found this article from The Atlantic  which is sort of connected to my own blog post and question.I highly recommend it.

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