Meditation(Week 5)-restless child

I was a restless child the whole week.When it was meditation time I was an itchy busy body whose head was always full of vivid thoughts and ideas.I still do 10 minutes meditation and I don’t want to increase the time until I am capable to meditate without a problem in this busy body mode.

I found a solution to help me concentrate.I still focus on my breathing but now I imagine myself as I sit in my room and do the meditation.Or sometimes I imagine myself in a white room while the warm and friendly sun  lights break into the room.I wear comfortable black leggings and a nice and soft burgundy red sweater.I am sitting in lotus pose in the middle of the room and I breath slowly and quietly.My hair is released and it falls onto my shoulders.I always smile and I enjoy the relaxing moment.

I don’t know why maybe because I was really careful to make this picture in my head as real as it could be.Or because I wanted to be exact about every little thing.My mind was able to focus and I have been able to meditate for 10 minutes every day.

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