Am I snobbish?

Last week, I visited my friend and we were watching some movies. One of them was Magic Mike 2. I didn’t even see the first one, because I wasn’t really interested to see some guys dance, while they striptease. However, I knew that my friend loves this movie so I told her let’s watch it. I thought I may have missed something and, in fact, this is a great comedy. No it wasn’t. The girls were screaming, the boys didn’t really dance. I think it was more like the imitation of sex seasoned with some dance moves. My friend was screaming and laughing and told me again and again that how cool it was and she wanted some of these guys for her birthday. Meanwhile, I was bored and, honestly, I didn’t understand the hype around the movies.

My friend asked me that if I didn’t find it attractive what the hell I would. Honestly, I think if a guy is doing what he loves, for example a musician enjoys every moment of playing and making a song. Or if a man is able to talk passionately about something what he really likes. Or someone with an exciting and beautiful mind. A person who is able to make interesting and fun conversation about anything, because he is open-minded and curious. A man who is a gentleman and he opens the door for you or helps you with your coat. These are the things what I would call attractive and sexy.

The questions are : Am I a snobbish person because I choose the mind and not the body? Am I naive because I believe in the exist of the real gentlemen? Is it bad that I think that chivalry is not dead?


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