The theory of names

I have a really stupid, but true theory about names of the people and my friendships with them. I share it with you because why not.

The story is the next. There were more than one people who really hurt me during my life. Most of them was girl but this it not important. There is one thing that I realized later when I replayed in my mind who were these people. Their first names were the same or has the same vowels. This theory is right for my closes friends too, but let me explain it a little bit better.

So all the people who really hurt me had an A and I in their first names, like the name Adriana. Meanwhile few of my closest friends first names include only I letters. Because of it we just mention them in the family as Ricky,Ticky or Vicky (these are the names of Scrooge McDuck’s grandnephew in my country). One more combination of the letters in the first names works out for me. It is I and E, if there is an E letter than the A is possible too, like Angie. I have two friends with the name Angie and  I love my Angies!! They are incredibly kind and smart and beautiful. Of course I love my Ricky,Ticky and Vicky too, because they are always there for me and they always make me happy. After all, I think I should have seen that my ex-boyfriend was an A and I so it was in the letters that it won’t work, but at that time I didn’t see through this crazy theory (yeah I know it’s crazy but I think it’s interesting).

Of course, I don’t care about the name of the new people who I meet, because it would be stupid to build relationship on theories like that. But I can’t deny if I get to know someone with a double I, I always think it’s a good sign.

Dear Reader have you ever had and experience like this? Or something similar ever happened with you?

For example one of my friends once told me that she always had known that her boyfriend hadn’t been her future husband, if he said to her that he thinks she would be nice with a bold head. She is married now and her husband never ever talked about it or at least this guy was smart enough to never mention it.

What do you think? In my case the universe was designed to have bad experience with the A and I or this is just a huge coincidence?

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