Empty shells

I like to think and say that I am smart and the members of my family are smart too.I don’t mean that we have incredibly high IQ or we all went to college to get a diploma.I rather believe we are well-read and curious.If we make an opinion about something we always know the background information.We always build our views on something.

Why do I bring up this topic?So When I go out to meet my friends and talk to people every time I have to face the disappointing fact that most of them don’t have their own opinion.For example I can go anywhere the presidential election in the U.S.A. will come up.I try to read every article which I find interesting from both sides and I read the transcripts of the debates.I use it to understand the articles and be able to talk about it.I don’t think Hilary Clinton is the best choice but she is so much better than even the possibility of Trump.When the topic comes up mostly I hear that “Yes Trump is crazy but I don’t like Hilary so why not Trump” and usually I ask “What do you know about him?Why don’t you like Hilary?Why do you think that?”. Unfortunately, the answer is always “just”or “I saw something about it on the TV”. I don’t want act like I am a smart aleck I just want to hear their reasons which helped them to make the decision.I am just curious as hell because I want to understand people and how and why their act like the way they do.

I am sure that these kind of people existed in the past too, but nowadays I meet more and more of them even among my friends.When did the society become these empty shells?Why?How?Why didn’t I become one of them?These questions constantly on my mind,because I really want to understand it.Why people out of curiosity?Why am I full of it?

Please dear Reader never stop being curious. Never unread something because it’s boring.I try to live a full life and read,watch and listen everything even it is really far be it from me,because all these stuff will shape my mind,my personality.I think the hardest part to do it alone and sometimes it stops me,but I like to think that one day all these things will help to find the people like me.I hope so.

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