Meditation(week 4)-try it at your friend’s place

This week wasn’t meditation friendly because I went to visit one of my friends.I had to do my every day meditation at a foreign home.I knew after the experience with the train that it won’t be a piece of pie but I have to try.

My friend and her boyfriend is renting a one room and kitchen flat.The place is nice and new with high ceilings.They moved in about two months ago.They don’t have too many furniture because they just started their life together.I meditated in the kitchen on a really uncomfortable chair next to the bedroom where the TV was on and it was very loud.I thought this will make it hard but not.I was able to shut out all the noises and discomfort.However, I had to do it in a different time because I was adapting their lifestyle and between 7 and 8 p.m. they usually had dinner.So I did my meditation after 9 or 10 o’clock.To my surprise it was hard maybe because I made it a habit and I like to keep its regulations.It wasn’t my peaceful room which I really appreciate after the kitchen.

In addition, when  I came home by the train I had to try to meditate there again.It was full and people were talking and listening music so I had to really concentrate but I made it.I was away at a strange place and I was able to do it.I think my success for this week that even it was only 5 minutes meditation I did it every day and I didn’t skip it because of the different circumstances and environment.

Some other good news about yoga finally I reached the point when I can’t wait to do it again.I learned to enjoy and love it thanks to the meditation.

I hoped it will help but I never thought I will have all these positive results.I’ve been doing  meditation for a month now and I am sure I will keep doing it.Of course I am still far from the real experiences with meditation I am like a student but I will share my progress here with you my Reader.Thank you for your time.Have a nice day!

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