Meditation (Week 3)-ups and downs

This week’s experiences were a mix of ups and downs.

Let’s start with the bad one.On Tuesday I spent a day with some of my friends and the plan changed.They asked me to stay a little bit longer and I didn’t mind it but in my meditation time I was on the train and I knew after I arrived at home I won’t find the time to do it.So I thought I always loved the monotonous rhythm of the train and it will be easy to practice there.As always I chose the emptiest place and I started my every day meditation.However,the friendly noise became my enemy.It was loud and disturbing.I did my best but I am still not good enough in it to do my meditation places like this.

Luckily,every coin has another side.I’ve been doing yoga for 2 months now.I still have problems with some moves because of my knee but since I’ve been meditating I have a different experience with yoga.Finally I was able to breathe in the right time I wasn’t so fast.My concentration improved.Because of it my balance was better and it was incredibly helpful with the moves.I was proud of myself because I thought I could never do it,but I did.

After all it was an instructive week.Let’s finish it with an excellent song.

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