Forget me not

Last week I don’t know why or how but one person was on my mind all the time. My mother’s half-brother, who I never met.

Let’s jump a little bit in time and let me explain what happened with him. Mommy cat was pregnant with my mother when his son was 17 years old. One day he said goodbye to the family before he went to play card with his friends. This was what he said but in reality he and 4 of his friends left the country and moved to the U.S.A.. None of the parents knew about it, but they figured out that their kids were gone. My uncle had a nice life there. He served in the army and finished high school. Later he met a nice woman, a widow with two children, and they got married.

It was a different world. There wasn’t internet and the stuff like that. Emails and Skype didn’t exist even the phone was a rare thing here. So my mother’s family and my uncle wrote long letters to each other. He wasn’t there in physical reality but he was always the part of the family and everybody loved him without a question. Unfortunately one day my uncle killed himself.

Let’s jump to the last week. I was just thinking about him and I started to collect some information. I knew that there were more than one unanswered question about his death.What I got to know that his wife tried to write letters to my grandmother but English wasn’t popular. She had to look for an interpreter and even the interpreter was just as good as the worst online dictionaries now. So Mommy cat never knew why he killed himself or where he was buried. I was curious and asked some question from my mom and I used the google to find his grave and I found it. When I told it to my mom she became agitated. A question was answered and she didn’t know what was the right reaction because in fact it  was Mommy cat who needed the answers, but we lost her a long time ago. Two days later my mother said after all she felt relieved to know that one day she may have the time and money to visit that grave and she doesn’t have to look for it.

I don’t know why he was on my mind and why I had to look for his grave but I like to think the Mommy cat is happy because we found his son and we never forget about him.

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