My thoughts after the presidential debates

I didn’t watch the first presidential debate but later I read it when the facts were checked. It was a little bit frustrating to see how much bullshit was able to come out from Donald Trump’s mouth. You know I just hoped that he has some kind of brain but I realized that in a zombie apocalypse he would be the only survival because even the zombies would think that this man’s mind is a disgusting piece of sh*t.

I thought it really can not be worst and then I read the second debate’s transcript. I wanted to tweet about my opinion but I realised I need more than 140 characters to express myself.

First of all, can you imagine the ISIS headquarters during the debate? I am sure someone says “Guys if Trump wins we really have to open a bottle of Champagne”. This man is so dumb that even if he build the biggest and strongest wall around the U.S.A. it will worth the same as a Swiss cheese with its big holes.

However, I am that kind of person who try to find the positivity in everything so let’s see why Donald Trump is great as an example for the future generations.

If the child is naughty before Christmas we don’t have to say anymore that “Santa won’t bring your present” instead of we will say “Honey if you will be bad Santa will send you Donald Trump as a present”. I am sure it will work.

Or we don’t have to use anymore Pinocchio as an example when a child lies we can say “if you lie all the time you will look like Donald Trump”. I am sure none of them wants to have an orange face with a dead squirrel on his head.

But the most important thing we can teach to next generations. Respect everybody even if you don’t agree with them, just like Hilary Clinton did during the debate, and if you ever meet Donald Trump in person don’t forget to  grab him by his pu**y.

I don’t know who will win and I am a little bit afraid because this years was cruel. (You know because we lost David Bowie, Prince, Alan Rickman and many more excellent people.) I just hope the next POTUS won’t be a surprise.


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