Meditation (Week 2)

10 minutes every day between 7 and 8 p.m..This is the time when my family is quite and they may not disturb me while I try to meditate.This week was different I had nightmares and there were some hard stuff on my mind all the time.So my head was pounding from my thoughts.I really felt it when I had to sit down and concentrate to my breath.However, those 10 minutes helped me to get rid of the crowd in my mind.It was really relaxing and I was really grateful that it became a little bit calmer.

I have to admit I had some difficulties more than once this week when I wanted to practice mediation.Sometimes I was the busy who felt itchy everywhere and sometimes my cat Peanut thought he should join me.In this case, it means that while I was meditating I had a snoring cat in my lap who occasionally touched my face while he streched.It was still the better possibility because another time Peanut ,who was heavily purring,wanted to get under my baggy sweater which was funny and it’s hard to meditate when you can’t stop smiling.

I would say this week was succesful and I keep the 10 minutes.I feel my concentration is getting better and not just when I meditate but I feel it during the day that it becomes easier every day to focus on the right thing.I am happy and satisfied and I think it really helps me to keep my inner peace.

So dear Reader let’s meditate.

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