Movie:Bob and the Monster(2011)

This is a documentary about the drug addiction of Bob Forrest (Thelonious Monster frontman).I met this movie coincidently and I hardly knew anything about Bob Forrest who is  the protagonist of this film.I only knew that he was a rock musician and an old friend of Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The movie is about his drug addiction and  his life after he got clean.I became interested because in my personal world drugs don’t exist.I mean It was never a question to try it out or not.It was always no thanks because I don’t need it to feel happy or cheer me up or do something stupid I can have it all without drugs.However, I really want to understand people who struggled with drug or any kind of addiction ,so it was obvious I had to see it.

In the movie the sound and editing are really harmonized.The music was always passed to the atmosphere of the film.Even the lyrics was perfect to describe the moment and because of it ,it did not need an explanation to understand the scene.

The movie used animation to make you see some hard parts from Bob’s life ,like shooting some drug and stuff like that.It made these moments touching.In addition there were archive footage used from Bob’s life.All of these together really let you see a life of rock star who was falling apart.

The movie is one and half hour-long. I feel they wanted to put too much thing into these 90 minutes.Because of it the timeline is really mixed up and hard to follow.I miss things like Bob’s other band(The Bicycle Thief) or how he really found the music again.I know that he became clean and started to help people but I couldn’t really pinpoint out how or when this happened.The movie refers to these things but it’s really vague.I am happy that Bob’s life turned around but I would have been happy to see the dark signs too which are still with him.

The movie mostly focus on how Bob became a drug counselor which is an awesome thing but I would have been more satisfied if it explains it a little bit better ,for me the outsider,the reasons and ways how he  became an addict and later clean.

After all I still recommend to watch Bob and the monster because I don’t feel that I wasted my time in fact I am happy to say that I know now who is Bob Forrest the musician, ex-addict,drug counselor and friend.

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