Music:Gaelynn Lea

I want to write about more and more great musicians here so I dedicate this post to Gaelynn Lea who is a violinist and public speaker(and if I am right she is a fiddle teacher too).

How did I find her?

I was reading an article about a bigger talent show where the critic shared her video with the message “if you want to listen real music”.Of course I did and I found Gaelynn Lea.I just wanted hear one song but a half hour later I was still before my computer and listening her.I immediately knew that I have to write about her music because more people should appreciate her real talent.


Gaelynn was classically trained violinist but when she was 18 years old she broadened her repertoire with Celtic and American fiddle tunes.She started to sing and write her own songs while she was working with some remarkable Minnesota musician.She has her own special style which includes that she is using a looping pedal to give layers to her folk melodies.


Gaelynn is a musician who is able to make a unique atmosphere with her music.It gives you a chance to see a world a little bit differently by her melodies. When she plays her music you can see how much she enjoys every moment of it and puts her heart and soul into it.

Dear Gaelynn Lea you and your music make this world better.


2012-Imperfecta (by The Murder of Crowns which is a duo with Alan Sparhawk)

2015-All the Roads that Lead Us Home

2016-The Songs We Sing Along the Way EP

More information about her and her social sites :

Gaelynn Lea Music



I share her Tiny Desk  concert with you dear Reader which was organised by the NPR music within a framework of a competition.Here you see the winner.

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