Meditation (week 1)

I’ve been thinking to try out meditation, since I do my P90X workout, which includes yoga. I thought that yoga wasn’t right for me because I am busy bee. My father likes to call me  Peggy Bundy, because I’m constantly moving my legs just like she did. So the breath slowly and empty your mind stuff seemed impossible for me, but never say never. I did and do yoga since I’ve started the workout. After all, I have to admit that I can do it. I even like it sometimes and it’s good for me in every possible way. Because of this experience I decided I may capable to meditate too and I should try it.

First of all, I read about it a lot .I think I should understand it to do it the right way. I asked my brother, if he had some advice, because I knew he’s been doing it. However, we are really different and his meditation type is not for me. So I chose the classic lotus sitting.

It’s really hard for me stop my mind and concentrate on only  one thing. I hope that by meditation I will be able to develop my focusing skills. I want o be a more patient person who can find the positivity in everything. I know, if I concentrate to my goals I will reach them. My goals are long-term and I hope meditation will help me through the waiting time.

After I told you, why I’m doing it, it’s time to share with you my first week experience. I thought that 5 minutes long meditation is perfect for me as a first timer (it was advised for beginners). It was surprisingly easy to concentrate to my breath. My mind enjoyed this new thing and it didn’t wandering away. I was really proud to myself.

I even meditate 5 minutes before I sit down to study to my exams. It’s like magic I was able to concentrate to every word and I still remember it like it was burned into my mind.

I was really enthusiastic and I started to make my night meditations  15-20 minutes long, but it was harder and harder every time. Meanwhile the 5 minutes, before I study, still were a piece of cake. Soon I realized I made a mistake I wanted everything too fast. I have to learn this and not in one day. Now I do 5-10 minutes long meditations every day. Every time my mind is a little bit quieter and relaxed as before. I like the experience and I don’t know, if I ever learn to do it well. I know it will be a long journey but I won’t stop.

Dear Reader let’s meditate.

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