Lucid dreams

A lucid dream is any dream during which the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming.There are methods which can teach you how to experience them.There is a whole community which recommends it because it has a good influence on you.For example it is able to help people to overcome anxiety  or fight their nightmares.Or it can help you to get to know yourself better or boost your creativity.

I think I have it once or twice a month.I always remember them but for me these dreams are just part of my life.I don’t use any kind of technique I think I am able to do it because my imagination doesn’t know boundaries.I liked to daydreaming and I am still a dreamer but now I just try to focus on my goals instead of my imagined perfect world.I used this world a lot when I went to sleep this was the way how I tried to avoid nightmares,but my nightmares don’t know boundaries too so it never stopped them.

I usually have two kind of lucid dreams.More common when I know I am in a dream and I make the decision meanwhile my mind is so awake that sometimes it starts to plan my next day.Unfortunaltely,the less common when I know it’s not real I literally feel that I am in my head and not in my bed.My eyes are closed and I listen some music.Sometimes one of my favorites songs but mostly I don’t know it and it’s only instrumental.I can turn up and down the volume.Last time I had this “lucid music dream ” I was so happy and I enjoyed it  so much that I started to smile.

I don’t feel that I should develop my skills and have more of these kind of dreams.However,if dear Reader you are interested you will find every kind of information about it on the Internet.Have a nice dream or lucid dream tonight!(It’s your choice.)

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