Head transplant

Is the world ready for the first head transplant? Is it ethical?Is it possible?

These are few of the questions that The Atlantic magazine tried to answer in its article about the head transplantation. If you are interested you can find it here.

In a nutshell: There are two doctors who is trying to make it possible. There is a volunteer who wants to have a normal life and would give anything for a working body. While one of the doctors had some questionable attempt on monkeys, the other one’s goal that the modern medicine be able to repair serious spine injuries. Both of them wants to develop the possibilities of the transplantation and help people and meanwhile they have a different style as a doctor and as a person they still find the way to work together. Even though the whole stuff is only exist in theoretically the world has already attacked the idea of it, because it is frightening,disgusting and unethical in the people’s eyes.

This article really got me thinking because I can’t imagine it and it sounds horrible but it is really a bad thing? The first arm, heart or face transplantation made the same feelings in people and now they are the part of our life.In addition, a really successful transplantation is part of the news as a good one. We were celebrating the doctors who gave new faces to people and with that they gave them a chance for a new livable life. So if they would do a successful head transplant on a person who volunteered for it and by that he would get a new life. Why wouldn’t it be the same as the face transplantation? Or it’s  possible that by the surgery the doctors find out something new about the human body or brain which would make a huge change in the science of medicine.

I really don’t know that there is good or a bad side in this topic because without trying we will never know. However, it will cost a life of a person or an animal which is sad and disappointing, but then again its the part of it. I don’t think it will happen in the near future but it’s not a bad thing to stop for a minute and think about it.

Tell me dear Reader what is your opinion?

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