See or hear?

Few years ago, my father lost his eyesight on his left eye. It happened during two days. On Sunday, he asked my mom that she had seen something in his eye, because he felt there was something strange there. On Monday, he didn’t see anymore by his left eye. The doctor said he had a retinal detachment. It meant that even if he had a surgery, he would have never seen again with his left eye, but his active lifestyle had to become passive. For example, in the first six months after the surgery he mustn’t bend down he should have lived by our help.He made the decision immediately. No for the surgery and yes for the life with the same quality.

It was a huge shock for us because my father is a hard-working man who literally redesign and rebuild our house with his own hands to make my mother happy. He is the man who helps to repair anything for anybody without a question and he doesn’t want any kind of reward for it. We were afraid that we lost our hero, because for us he is the biggest super hero in the world. Yes, Superman can fly but my father doesn’t know fear if he has to protect his family.

We only told the news to our closest friends and family members. We were afraid that our life will change but as I said my father is a fu*cking hero. He handles it so well that we usually forget that he can’t see by his left eye. He’s continuing the renovation of the house and honestly he sees better with one eye than the whole family with all of its good eyes. So it’s kind of a happy end. The hero got a hit but he didn’t feel it at all.

After the incident I started to ask my friends, if they have to lose something what it would be their eyesight or their hearing. I think everybody chose the hearing. While I rather would be blind, even though I fear the total darkness, than lose my hearing. But this is my weak point. I love music and sounds like the bird chirping or the wind during a storm.I can’t imagine my life without voices and melodies.So I would choose to be blind for the rest of my life.

The question of the day, dear Reader, what would you choose?




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