Don’t judge a person by its political choice

I usually don’t talk about politics with people who I don’t know well, because I am afraid from the reaction that I would get if I told them my choice. I try to understand and respect everybody else decision, but I don’t know while so much people aren’t able to do the same.

Let’s see it by the U.S.A., because right now they are in the middle of the election process. So in America there are republicans and there are democrats (same as in my country just we call it right and left-wing). I read articles about both sides and I read the comments too. It was really interesting to see how people became angry and frustrated when they found out that someone was on the opposite side. One minute to another a well written article became an arena for mean and cursing comments with people who didn’t even know each other. It only gets worse if families and friends hate each other because of the different opinions. You think it’s not possible but I see and experience it in my own environment. So I am sure it happens there too.

For example, an article collected musicians, actors and other famous people and it shared which side they were registered. Of course, there were comments that “I can’t believe that XY is republican” or “I am disappointed in XY because she is a democrat” and they judge them. Usually these people become angry because they believe that their favorite artist endorse Trump or Hilary but it’s not always true.

When somebody is a democrat a left-wing or anything else then he may like the ideas of the political party and its methods. It doesn’t mean this person loves only Hilary Clinton. A person has the right to be loyal his own political party even thought he isn’t satisfied with the candidate. (I would rather be afraid from a person who chooses a different side every election.)

I see the same kind of hate against people who refuse to vote because they don’t find any of the candidates convincing. It’s the same deal she has the right to not vote and people should respect that. Instead of this they accuse the person that she is a wimp who isn’t able to make a decision in her life.

If I would be an American I didn’t know if I would go to vote because I don’t like Donald Trump and I don’t trust Hilary Clinton. I usually say that people should vote for the lesser of two evils but it’s hard if you have doubts.

My point is that I live in world where I can’t talk freely about my political choices and opinions because most of the people isn’t capable to respect and accept my choice and they would judge me immediately. So dear Reader you may not agree with your friends or some unknown people on the Internet. You might become angry because you think and feel that the other person choice is stupid and disappointing. I understand it but please don’t forget this person has the right to believe in his chosen political party or candidate. Even if he doesn’t respect you. You should respect him because you know the smart one yields and the fool suffers. You may avoid the political topic with this person or think twice and don’t start a comment fight on the Internet. These people are on the opposite side, if you talk about politics, but they may have the same hobbies, love the same music and just as nice people as you are.

Before any accusation I live this way. I know how carefully I have to talk around some people and I know not all of my friends agree with me but we avoid the topic or we can talk about it without a fight. However, I don’t think any of them is a bad person because we aren’t on the same side in something.

Dear Reader take a deep breath and respect other people’s choice even if you think it’s bad. It’s a small thing but if more and more people will do it then it may make our a world a little bit quieter and more peaceful.

Have a nice day!


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