I still have time,thank you.

I am 27 years old.I had only one relationship in my life.It started when I went to study at the university.It was 4 years of my life and I happily ended it.Since that I have been single. The last 4 years I was single.I am single right now at this moment  and you know what I am happy,thank you.

I mention it because I have a 92 years old grandmother and some family friends who are in their eighties and every time we talk ,we have this conversation:

“Do you have a boyfriend?”-No.

“Oohhh.But you know that you have to find somebody soon?”-Why the hell should I find somebody soon?

“Honey you are late.”-From where?

“You should find a nice guy and get married.It will be late to have kids.”-You know I still have time.I mean I can have kids in my early thirties or I can adopt if I have to.

“Oohh.How do you want to find a boyfriend?I am sure there is a male friend who you could call.”-No I don’t.

“Okay,but how is your ex-boyfriend?He was such a nice guy I liked him.”-You know the problem is I don’t.I don’t even know why I liked him.I usually say myself that I met him to learn what kind of boyfriend I don’t need.

“Oohhh.Are you sure?”-Yes I am sure I was the one who ended the relationship.

“I am sure you will find somebody.”-Thank you.

“But you should start to look around.What about that nice boy who you visited last week?” -Adam?He is engaged.I really like his fiance.I am so happy for them.

“Did you have a date with an engaged boy?”-He is an old friend and it wasn’t a date and his fiance was there too.

“I would never think that you act like this.You were such a nice girl and you were so happy with your boyfriend.”-Okay .I am still a good girl and I wasn’t too happy.Don’t you wanna talk about something else.For example about the weather or how the politicians ruin our country?Did you see the news?

“Oh yeah honey…..(and they talk about the weather and news, I just start to feel safe when…)You know it’s really important for you to get married soon and everything I mean you are old darling.”(Yep I am so old but you are still young as a baby.)-You really don’t have to worry I still have time,thank you.

It happens every time I talk to them.I think it wouldn’t frustrate me that much if they have the same conversation with my brother.However, my brother(the single man)he doesn’t have to worry about stuff like that.Do you know why?Because he is a man,but a woman like me shouldn’t be single. They are lucky that I respect old people because sometimes I just want to tell them that I am a lesbian or asexual or something like that.I am sure it would be hilarious until I have to call the ambulance because they have a heart attack.

Dear Reader don’t rush you have time.Just be happy!

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