You see a house, I see a story

There was a family.The mother was a teacher at the local elementary school.The father worked for a huge foreign company and he had to travel a lot. The couple had two pretty daughters.The family stayed with the grandparents to collect enough money to build their dream house.They were working really hard and when their smaller daughter got into 3rd grade they were able to move in.

The house was beautiful.The girls had their huge rooms which they helped to design.There was a big yard behind the house and they got a dog and a cat.Everything was perfect.The house was ready.The father found a new job which was in the town.The couple didn’t have to worry anymore because they got everything they wanted their dream house where their girls could grow up happily.

I wish I could say this is the end of the story,but unfortunately not. Few years later the  mother got sick.The smallest daughter just became a teenager ,her sister just started to become an adult.Their father was finally around and their house was ready. However,the illness was there too as a black cloud above the house.She had cancer.The mother knew that she wasn’t able to teach everything for her girls so she did everything to make them ready for life.She taught them how to cook and sew.She told them everything she believed they needed to know to live a happy and full life.The mother showed them how they handle everything with dignity as she did because she was a beautiful and strong woman until her last minutes.

The house became gray and there was always a dark cloud above it.The girls moved out to start their adult life.The father followed them to have a new life.He found an old love who gave his life a new purpose but it wasn’t enough.Just three years later after their mother the girls lost their father too.It was cancer again.They didn’t come back.The house was on sale for years.It became darker and darker with every year.If a stranger looked at it he would never think that this house was built with love and hard work for a family.

But one day there wasn’t the on sale board on the house and a few weeks later it started to change.First the black cloud ran away and let the sun shine.Later the old grayness was gone.One minute to another the house came to life again.There were flowers in the garden and a swing at the back yard.

Now the house is happy.A family bought it.The emptiness and sadness of the past are gone.Finally the dream house fill its purpose.

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