Movie:Man on the Moon(1999)

I was 16 or 17 years old when I first saw this movie.I was just surfing through the channels and Man on the Moon was the Saturday’s night movie on one of them. It was just a moment but this movie got all my attention.Since that ,every time I’ve seen it I have to sit down and watch it but let’s see what I’m talking about.

This is a biopic about Andy Kaufman life and before I share my experience with you about the film I would like to write about the man. Andy Kaufman was an artist,an entertainer a person who would have tried out anything to explore the human behaviour. I am too young to actually know his work because sadly he died in 1984(he was  only 35 years old) but thanks to the YouTube, I am able to watch some of his performances.I don’t know that I would have understood his art if I saw him  when he was alive and well because right now I know that for him everything was a joke and an experience.Without this knowledge I may believe he is just a mean and dumb man as a lot of people believed in that time.However, I know it and with this knowledge I have to say he was one unique and incredible person who was born to be an artist.I am sure still there are people who question it,but he really had an influence on people ,just as his art had it too.

Let’s see the movie.

The screen-play was written by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski . This wasn’t their first or last time to work together. You may know them by the People vs. Larry Flynt or the American Crime Story (which just won 7 Primetime Emmys).I mentioned these as an example because both of them are biopic too. I have to tell you these writers take their work really seriously to put something real on the table. Of course I shouldn’t forget to mention the movie was directed by Milos Forman whose previous works like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest or Hair,the musical.

What else do you need?Yes there is a great cast.You can see great actors like Dany Devito, Vincent Schiavelli or Paul Giamatti.All of them was remarkable but who I really want to talk about is Jim Carrey and Courtney Love.

I find Courtney Love as a person quite irritating but I can’t deny she is an excellent actress. This is not the first time I’ve seen her and just as before she shines in her role. (I really don’t understand why she sings instead of acting.) I may a little bit biased by Jim Carrey because I always was a big fan of him.It was his first role where he had to prove that he was more than the funny guy and he did it. Ironically he plays a sort of comedian and the same time this is the role which shows how talented he is. (Later he proved it again and again but unfortunately in Hollywood he is still the man with the rubber face most of the time.)

If you know or read about Andy Kaufman life you’ll recognize that the movie isn’t following his life’s timeline and some things happen sooner or later than it was in reality. It’s not confusing and they used this mix up to be able to give the whole picture about his life. You won’t get lost in time even though sometimes it jumps more than a few years. The movie really tries to focus on his biggest acts and ideas meanwhile it shows Andy’s real character too.

Something that I want to mention too, the music. The movie got its title from an R.E.M. song (great musicians they deserve their own post too,maybe later) which was inspired by Kaufman. They made a song for the movie which gave a nice touch to it to remember Andy Kaufman.

I don’t think I am a fan of Andy but I really admire his work.This movie is a beautiful tribute. You may won’t cry the end of it ,as I do it every time,but I am sure you will feel the tightening of your throat and in the same time you will have a smile on your face.That is Andy Kaufman a man who was able to make you cry and laugh. He just wanted to entertain people and show them all the feelings they were capable to feel.People never will forget you Andy Kaufman.




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