My tiara

When I was a little girl we had a welcome spring carnival every year at the daycare.I really don’t know why but I always wanted to wear a princess costume. It wasn’t a fancy dress from the shop.My grandmother (from my mother side) who was called Mommy cat by her grandchildren. She had the skills to sew me costumes and dresses for my dolls. Every year we sat down ,weeks before the occasion ,to design my dress. I only remember one special dress which was sewed by her. It was a long yellow dress and she decorated it with some christmas boas. It was simple and itchy but I loved it. She made it beautiful with her love and she handled me like I was a real princess.All those moments are precious for me.

I only love one thing more than the dresses and the time that she spent with me .It was my tiaras.I never knew where,but every year my mother brought home a perfect tiara for me to wear it with the dress,because every princesses need a tiara.There were other princesses there ,but only one had the perfect tiara.It was me.

As an adult I asked my mom about it.How did she do it?She told me that ,at that time ,there was a bridal shop in our small town.She went there and asked the owner if she could rent it for her little daugther.The owner was nice and she trusted my mother and let her to bring a nice tiara for me. I never know the lady but she made a little girl incredibly happy every year.This is one of our favorite story with my mother how she was the hero and brought the tiara and how I was the prettiest princess with a homemade dress.

This tiara is a such a beautiful memory for me that I am sure on my wedding day I don’t need the white dress or the fancy decorations or the crowd because I will be the happiest bride in the world if I wear my princess tiara.

Dear Reader do you have a memory like this?I hope you have and just like me you remember it with a huge smile on your face.

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