Music: Dot Hacker

Let’s talk about some awesome music.

Band members:

The band was formed in 2008 by 4 friends. The members are Eric Gardner (drummer), Jonathan Hischke (bass-and I thought my surname is complicated until I wrote down his),Josh Klinghoffer (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Clint Walsh (guitar, keyboards,backing vocals).

How did I find them?

When the Red Hot Chili Peppers had a new solo guitarist around 2010, I was full with my and other people’s problems so I didn’t have time to pay attention to things I like. I remember I heard the new songs on the radio and I saw their  video clips once or twice.

However,I just thought “the solo guitarist had a haircut and he is look so much younger and something changed about how he plays his guitar and his voice so much better ,it was hell of a haircut” and I had to go on with my life. I totally forget about it so when finally I found  time to enjoy my favorite things again, and the new Red Hot Chili Peppers single came out, I realised it was little bit more than a haircut.

This is how I met Josh Klinghoffer ,the musician. I really like his guitar style ,because I think it’s trickier and lighter. I mean I love Slash and Josh Frusciante they are great too ,but they are kind of too classic for me. But it’s about the Dot Hacker and not about the greatest guitar players of the world so let’s go on. So his voice is excellent too. It really got my attention. I looked in his previous works and I found this magical  band called Dot Hacker.


It was described as alternative and experimental rock. These guys have different taste in music and different experiences with music and when they sit down to put it together they get this pure and unique sound. Their music’s structure is really diverse. If  they don’t play with the lyrics then they do it with the sound or the tune. It’s not like you listen the same 5 lines or 2 riffs again and again as you hear it in all the popular songs nowadays and you won’t hear the annoying  millennial whoop.


2012-Dot Hacker EP


2014(July)-How’s your process? (Play)

2014(October)-How’s your process? (Work)

(UPDATE:third album release date is January 20,2017-title:N° 3)

First in 2012 the band gave a little taste of their music and released the EP called Dot Hacker. (It contained 4 songs.)Later that year, they released their first album with the name Inhibition. Fortunately, two years later they released their next album or albums not in an ordinary way.

As I read in an interview with the band they tried to reach the best time length for the album ,which was about 30 minutes. However, they had a whole 1 hour-long recording so they released it in two parts. After I read that article the first thing on my mind was the old cassettes that I listened on my Walkman. (By the way I still have my old Walkman.)Those cassettes A and B sides had this time length. I shared this information with you because these guys released their album in two parts ,but you can find the whole album in  a cassette format (I am really old-fashioned I just love the idea.)It was just a little interesting fact.

When we can listen the next album?They share pictures on their Twitter and Facebook . As I read in the comments some fans think these pictures are hints about the following album or EP. I don’t know this ,but I know that the guys are quite busy right now with other projects . Because of it,a little bit harder for them to get together and work . I don’t know  the future but I am sure they won’t leave us without some excellent music.

Why I like Dot Hacker

Frank Sinatra had a habit that every time he had to record a song he did it in the middle of the studio and the orchestra was around him while they were recording the songs. This is the feeling what I get from the Dot Hacker like I am in the middle of the studio and they play their songs around me. There is a balance and connection between the members. Nobody tries to play louder and show off his skills. They are doing this together in a beautifully synchronized way ,meanwhile they let each other prevail.

Their song’s structure like a story. There is a beginning, little twist in the middle and it’s always has a nice closure. Even the lyrics give you the feeling of a conversation while you only see just one half of it but you still understand the whole thing.

The first album,Inhibition, mesmerizing and let you enjoy their experimentation how they find their unique style meanwhile How’s you process? is more mature material and the albums are the perfect half hours. You can’t choose a favorite because the songs were so nicely put together like the chapters of a book. Work sounds calmer next to Play which has a feeling of a huge jam ,even with the slower ballads like Memory and Anger.

It’s not something that stay in your ears after the first hearing. You have to read the lyrics and spend time with their music to enjoy it fully.This music is for your soul,your mind and your heart.

Personally for me Dot Hacker gives me feelings and goosebumps while I listen them. This was the effect what I have been looking for a while now.Thanks Dot Hacker!

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