A little act of kindness

I found this BuzzFeed article  today . These are stories from people who experience kindness from strangers. I really love to read stuff like that because if you watch or read the news, most of the time, you see only frightening or bad things all around the world. Of course you can see funny and cute videos about animals and people on the internet , but there are still more hate there ,than kindness. It was so heartwarming that I thought I should share my stories too.

Two years ago when I had to go under surgery I was really afraid. Before the day of it my doctor came into my room with a bunch of residents and other doctors(all of them were men). He asked me to take off my clothes to examine me, but he immediately felt my discomfort. Before I was able to take off anything he stopped me and told me he come back later. He came back and took me to a private little room with a really kind nurse and examined me alone. I was grateful that I didn’t have to do it in a room with full of unknown men.

The last time I was kind when I visited the doctor on Tuesday (I am sick again)and I was there in time and only 4 people was before me. Later an old lovely couple and an old man ,who was brought by the ambulance, arrived and tons of other people (mostly only needed a prescription).  I was waiting for one hour and I was next in the line,but the doctor shouted out from her room that one person who needed a prescription can come in with someone who needed an examination. The next minute everybody run to the door and pushed aside the old man who came by the ambulance. (The ambulance once came back to get him ,but he was still waiting.) When the crowd at the door was smaller the old couple came to the there too. The wife was so weak that his husband had to help him with everything. I was the next but I knew they shouldn’t wait anymore so I sent them in before myself and told the lonely old man that he was the next. (There were another crowd behind us but they knew it wasn’t a good idea to overtake me.)So I had to wait for plus half hour but these people could go home earlier. They thanked my kindness more than once and it was really worth it.

Please tell me dear Reader when was the last time when you did something kind for a stranger.It doesn’t have to be a big thing. I always try to say please or thank you and every time I say goodbye to somebody I always add “have a nice day” because you don’t know it may make their day a little bit better.

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