I am a really old-fashioned girl. I rather buy a cd then download music. If I have to choose I read a real book and not an e-book and I have a phone which is not smarter than me.

Last week one of my friends asked me “how do you live without a smartphone?I mean I can’t imagine my life without it” meanwhile I can’t imagine my life with it. I only use it for 3 things: texting , calling people and listening music. Once in a while if I see something interesting I take a picture but it’s rare. This phone is 6 years old and sometimes he refuses my earphones or crashes, but I know him, this usually means he is tired. A month ago he was so stubborn that I told him I had to get a new one. Of course he regretted everything and was good again. However, I was curious and saw some new phones at the shop. I was really disappointed all of them was too smart. They wanted to tell me the directions (no thank you I know where I am) or post a picture on Facebook (no it’s not necessary my friends know what I look like I don’t need a selfie) or offered me to put my life on  the internet (no the world doesn’t need to know everything about me,thank you).

After that I realized I love my old friend who rather cooperates with me than ratiocinates for me. So we made peace and I hope he stays with me as long as he can.

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