First of all let me say I am not against the use of makeup. However, I don’t use it anymore(I don’t say that in the far future I won’t use it again,but not now).

I was the classic teenager with all the pimples,acnes and blackheads. I have a really white skin (I think it’s called ivory skin tone) so every time even before I had a break out my face had illuminative red spots. My mother was really helpful and took me dermatologists and cosmeticians. But after 2 doctors and 6 beauticians we had to realize that I am my mother’s daughter and I inherited her problematic skins which means that the professional cosmeticians (who used their hands to clean up my face) caused more harm than help. So I decided that I give myself time because I will outgrow it.

In my early twenties my skin was better and I thought it’s time to use some makeup to hide my problems.I wanted to be precise so I read about it and I watched tutorial videos. I tried to buy the best products that I could afford, but I never felt comfortable with makeup. I didn’t use too much and I still felt that I had a mask on my face. So I put them in the drawer.

The years are gone and finally I don’t see a teenager with a problematic skin in the mirror anymore. I enjoy to see the girl with beautiful white skin and green eyes. In may I had to got to a wedding and I put makeup on my face. At the weekend, I’m going to a wedding again but this time I don’t feel the need of it. Yes I still have break outs once in a while and sometimes I wake up with the feeling that I am ugly. There are always dark circle around my eyes because of the lack of sleep, but you know what dear Reader one day it will go away too. So for now I sit back and love the girl without the makeup.

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