Book: Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis with Larry Sloman

Because of the exam time ,lack of sleep and tons of saved articles I didn’t have the enthusiasm to sit down and read a nice book. But when only the sleepless nights left for me I decided that I was ready for a good one. Since I’ve got some Red Hot Chili Peppers fever and I’ve always been a big fan of autobiographies ,especially if it’s about a musician, I chose Scar Tissue.

Anthony Kiedis originally wanted to collect his experiences and stories about his drug addiction, but he had so much to write that it became a book about his life. I like these kind of writings because the musicians tell the story behind their songs and albums and I’m able to understand them a little bit better (at least this is what I like to think). However, in this case we get just a few song’s background story but I think the Red Hot Chili Peppers own history and making of the albums are a great compensation for this.

The book is mostly about Kiedis drug and sex life and it totally makes sense why he asks his family members and close friends to do not read the book. It’s not just because it can hurt them, but there is stuff that you don’t want to know about your son,brother or best friend. His long time drug addiction had some strong roots from his environment ,and his powerful and rebel personality were hand in hand with it.

I never had any kind of addiction so it was a really special thing to see how those things were played down in his head to explain himself why he needed the drugs or how he was able to stop it for weeks and then start it again. It’s hard to understand with his strong personality how he has had those relapses, but I can imagine that sometimes his demons were stronger than him.

It wasn’t easy to read, but not because of the style or complicated sentences. It just made me mad time to time and I shouted to the  book that “Anthony don’t do it,stop it,you are stronger than this” sometimes I had stopped the reading and went back the next day when I wasn’t so upset.

I read that his book help people with their own struggles and I understand why because we can live through his addiction, success and relapses with him and it made me feel so much anger and shame. Fortunately , Anthony Kiedis has been clean since 2000 and at the end of the book we can let go those negative feelings and experience his happiness and proudness.

Keep it up Anthony! Thank you that you let me into your world at the hardest times. It was a touching and instructive journey.


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