My concert experience

It is a really long writing ,but I think it worth to read it.

As I wrote earlier I was an incredibly lucky person and I won tickets to one of my favorite band’s concert(I was the crying baby in the radio).

Before I tell you my experience I would like to talk about my  first real concert that I went. You can laugh ,but it was an Avril Lavigne concert (the Bonez tour).It was 11 years ago and I was a kid and most of the crowd were teenager kids. The smart phone has been far far away in the future. The show was incredible. We were singing and jumping and shouting and screaming. Half of the place was empty (the tickets were expensive and Avril wasn’t popular enough to fill the whole arena),but it didn’t sound like that.(You will understand why I mention it.)

Now back to the present. The band name is Red Hot Chili Peppers and I saw them live.

First I want to write about the crowd (you know always tell the bad news first).

I was surprised to see that all kinds of people were there like young cellphone addict teenagers, whole families who acted like they just arrived for the matinée, from toe to head pink high-heeled and make up girls and their same type boyfriends and of course some real fans who wore their old Red Hot Chili Peppers T-shirts. I thought it’s great because this band reaches every kind of people. But let’s get to the important part or it’s gonna be really long. The opening act was the Deap Vally . Those two girls put all their energy and heart into that half hour show. What did they get?Nothing, probably the first lines clapped a little bit but most of the people didn’t even come in to see them or they were posting pictures and showing their backs to them. Even though they deserved our attention. (There was a girl before me who brought a tablet and read the news during Deap Valley.) I understand that most of the people didn’t know them but if your favorite band chose them for you to give you the mood before their own show then you should respect their decision and the chosen band.

When finally the Red Hot Chili Peppers arrived most of the people found their places and half of the sitting section enjoyed their popcorn and beer or coke like they are at the cinema. It was difficult ,but I accepted ,that we weren’t allowed to dance or jump (the guard told us we have to stay in our seats). However it was really hard to understand why everybody around us and most of the people ,at the standing section, acted like sculptures. Of course all of them was really busy to watch their phones while they were taking pictures or recording videos (usually in horrible quality) about the concert. The standing crowd looked like the dark sky with stars because of the phones and at that moment I just understood why Alicia Keys and other performers banned the phones out of their shows . Of course there were people who did the same thing as me but I thought the whole crowd should have this kind of reaction.

Let’s talk about the critics in a few lines. I read what they wrote and I’m sure most of them were too busy to eat their popcorn because we weren’t at the same concert. You may hate me for the next lines but please listen to me. If you want to listen old songs from the Red Hot Chili Peppers go home and listen to them, but it’s their new album’s tour and they will sing the songs from that. This is not a reunion concert like the Guns ‘n’ Roses. These guys still active and write lyrics and make music. Yes it’s different you know why because they changed. They aren’t kids any more.They’re adults and fathers and they experience new things what will have an influence on their music. You don’t have to like the new songs but you shouldn’t judge or hate them because it’s different. Where is John Frusciante? I’m sure he is fine and doing his own music. Yes, Josh Klinghoffer plays different guitars in a different style you know why because he is a different person. He has to be himself and I think he is really good at it. You can not take them apart because they’re the ones. Those 4 people are a band ,a group of friends,a family and thanks to Josh they are still here,because if they didn’t find him, they wouldn’t be together and in this case on the night of the concert you may sit at home and think I miss Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Finally, we reach the good part my memories about the concert. Me and my friend didn’t take pictures ,because every minutes of the concert is burned in our mind. I loved how Flea and Anthony were talking to each other. How they jumped up and down on the stage and from every jump instead of getting tired they just got more and more energy. Chad was fascinating with the drums. I really loved how he got back for the encore and lead the crowd. I do yoga but I have to tell you I want that kind of yoga what helps Josh make those moves. I really enjoy his vocals because he has a different tone and I think it makes Anthony’s voice stronger. There was a part where Josh sang a Beatles song and it gave a beautiful start for the next Red Hot Chili song. I couldn’t jump or dance but I sang as loud as I could. I moved my leg with the rhythm and hit the drums with Chad. I screamed and shout and smiled(I’m still smiling). One of my favorite part when the whole band is around the drums and they were playing for each other and when the projector showed them once in a while you could see their smiles and their happiness which was the best thing to see them enjoy what they do. I hoped I could stay a little bit longer after the concert to see and tell them that it was beautiful, strong and fascinating. However, the end of the show big part of the crowd was really drunk and my friend had to go home by her bus and I was alone. So I decided , it’s better if I go back to my friend’s place. While everybody on the subway was watching their videos on their phones. I couldn’t wait to be alone at the street, because then I could cry. I was replaying the whole night in my head and silently sobbing because I was so happy that I saw them. My friend asked that I was  angry because of the disappointing crowd. But I wasn’t because I feel they did this concert for me.

I don’t know if the Red Hot Chili Peppers read this writing but if they ever do(I just hope they may do) . Thank you! Please only stop make this awesome music if it doesn’t make you happy anymore.

Dear Reader if you read it trough. Thank you! Please remember every time you are at a special occasion ,you should live it right there and not on your phone later, and respect and appreciate the performers because they do it for you.

UPDATE:I am happy to see thanks to this article that I am not alone with my opinion how disturbing was the crowd’s behavior.

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