Hey Mr. President

Yesterday I wrote about love (you can read it here) and today I sat down to check out some photo articles when I found this.

As you can see in the article it’s about the relationship of Barack and Michelle Obama. I really like them. I like how Obama handle the important political stuff and I like how Michelle handles his husband. You know there is woman behind every successful man. Okay let’s stop joking and talk about the pictures.

First of all big high-five for the photographers. I love when somebody is able to catch those beautiful rare moments and the people don’t know that someone is taking a photo about them(yep the selfies and its friends just make me sick). Secondly, I think what we can see on these pictures are real love. Those smiles and happy eyes tell everything about their marriage. (I see the same things when I look at my parents.)I hope they live happily  ever after.


Thank you Time  for this lovely article. Dear Reader I hope you like it too. Have a nice day!



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