What is love?

My parents have been happily married since 1977 (yes 39 years). Sometimes they have these huge fights and the house is loud and everybody is stupid, but after all they always sleep in the same bed. Their relationship is a great role model because this is what I’ve learned about love by them.


Our motto is “No matter how crazy or weird it’s ours”. By that my parents mean that I can be the biggest black sheep in the world it doesn’t matter because we are family. Me and my brother are late bloomer types we didn’t have boy or girlfriends in high school and that time being gay was still sinner thing for most of the people around us. As I know from my mother once she and my father sat down and asked each other “what if he or she is gay?” and the answer was “it doesn’t matter because it’s ours”.We could be anything or anyone they would accept us as they accept each other with all the frustrating and annoying habits.


Remember the loud fights? Yes sometimes the reasons are really small and silly  and in reality one or both of them had a hard day and they derived the anger on each other. This is the time when one of them will wash the dishes or buy something that the other one likes. They don’t go to each other with big hugs and kisses they just silently put the chocolate on the table or clean up the kitchen. They understand it without words.

All the small things

My parents have a beautiful habit.  Every time my father or my mother favorite song is on the TV or the radio they always turn the volume up. It doesn’t matter if they just had a fight or the other one is outside in the garden. They turn the volume so up that whole neighbourhood could hear it. They sing and dance with the song and there is a constant smile on their face. I never know  what make them happier the song or the act. (I’m quite sure that this habit is the reason why music is so important for me .)

Of  course I could write more excellent examples and stuff about them, but these are my favorites. After all I believe that real love when you accept the whole person and instead of forcing each other to change we silently do it for each other. That you don’t need to say it when you can show it and most importantly the small things will make it ours.

Dear Reader what do you think? What is love?


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