Munchausen by proxy

I read a really interesting article that I want to share with you. You find it here.

The story in a nutshell:

There is a mother who believes that her daughter has all kinds of illnesses and she was able to persuade the doctors that, after all the negative biopsy ,blood and other result, she was sick. Because of it this girl always used a wheelchair and was losing her hair constantly.They were helped by charities and they got friends who helped them to make their difficult life more comfortable and easier. Their life was good and happy,but one day something horrible happened.Somebody killed the mother and kidnapped the daugther.Here comes the interesting part.The daugther killed her own mother and she was never sick. (That’s the really short version of the article,but I strongly advise you to read the original too,it’s really readable.)

The doctors believe that the mother had a syndrome called Munchausen by proxy. What is it?I quote it from the article,because the writer wrote it down very well.

Munchausen syndrome was first identified by a British psychiatrist named Richard Asher in 1951. A successor, Roy Meadow, identified Munchausen by proxy in 1977. It has been in the DSM, the diagnostic manual used by psychiatrists, since 1980. (In the latest version, the DSM-V, it goes by the name “factitious disorder,” but for clarity’s sake I’ll stick to the Munchausen nomenclature.) In short, a person with the syndrome either feigns or induces physical and psychological symptoms for no obvious benefit other than attention and sympathy. If the person does this to themselves, it’s plain Munchausen syndrome; when the symptoms are feigned or induced in others, it’s called Munchausen by proxy.

What I really want to write is the future of the girl what I think about it.I read the comments and they are really divisive.There is a whole argument about it.What the daughter did was self-defense?  Should she spend time in prison? Or she deserve everything?Why didn’t she ask for help? This is just an everyday  murder and nothing is special about it?

I don’t know the situation enough to judge the girl decision.I wasn’t there and I didn’t know her personally.I never was in her shoes.I can’t decide and don’t have the right to decide that she deserves prison or not.However,after I read the article about the girl life I agree that she shouldn’t be on the street without supervision.I don’t think she is capable of making decisions and tell the truth.In a way her whole life was just a big lie and if not prison than some kind of special institution should be her home for years to learn how to live a full life. I hope she can recover from all these things that happened to her.

I have to thank the writer Michelle Dean.I really enjoyed her article.I hope dear Reader you will have the same experience.

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