Secret language

First of all I’m quite sick (officially:I got some virus, unofficially:I was cursed by my ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend,long story I tell it another time)so if my writing is jumbled ,please forgive me.I really started to enjoy to write here every second day and I decided a little curse,sorry virus,can’t stop me.Even though I’m sure there isn’t a big crowd around my blog,but who cares this is my thoughts and I do like to share them.

Today we will talk about the secret language between brothers and sisters.I have a brother he is one and a half-year older,but after a shave you would think that he is just the tallest guy from the daycare and a lot younger than me(not,even though he will tell you this, believe me he is the older).So we grew up together and he is just as a weirdo as me.He has a huge ego and a great sense of humour.I think he has similar struggles as I have now,but he got me.He was the one who thought me how to be positive and he really tried to inherit me some of his sense of humour.He really support me to be better at English and do my workout everyday.He doesn’t tell me that you look great or your English is better.He more like “you should watch this TV show,but don’t dare to use subtitle”or “I hope you did your workout today because in wii sport you have to be younger than 20 years old this time”.Because of these circumstances I think most of the time I understand him and see what’s going on in his head.I hope and believe that it makes his world better and he doesn’t feel alone as quite often as me.

We hit our rough paths.We had time when we didn’t talk at all or we just fought about everything.However,we left behind these childish days.I don’t say we don’t fight anymore,but I’m happy to say we are always there for each other.

It was a long start ,but now I’m ready to write about our secret language.As I wrote I can see into his head and we have  really special bond by our beautiful  memories about our childhood together.We talk every day by emails while we live in the same household.Yes every morning I get up and turn on the computer and I check my emails.He sends me links about funny stories ,old music and cartoons and write a few lines like “I wait for your essay about what these songs mean to you”.I always answer him ,yes I sometimes write him a long essay about something utterly silly thing.My parents only see that my brother tells me a half line or a word and I know exactly what we are talking about and we are able to talk hours about these silly stuff and once in a while we put some serious topic between two jokes or pictures.

You may think what this is not that secret or special,but for us talking by shared memories ,old songs and cartoons an important thing.We have this special world together that nobody is able to take away.Most of my friends have more older or younger brothers and sisters and because of it they don’t really know or understand these things.In addition my ex boyfriend was incredibly jealous,because he had much much older brothers and he believed that our secret language is an abnormal and disgusting thing.He was the first and I hope last person who respond to my relationship ,with my brother, this way.

In the end dear Reader I don’t know if you have a brother or sister or you understand what I talk about exactly,but I hope if you not at least your kids will experience one day the same special bond as me and my brother have.


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