Being alone

As I see most of the people are afraid of being alone and because of that they choose to stay in a bad or dead relationship or don’t move out from their parents house,but these people usually think about loneliness as a physical thing.When I say I am alone I mean I can’t express my feelings,ideas and experiences to someone who has a response to it.

In a physical way most of the time I don’t mind the loneliness because I love binge watching tv shows or read a book for days.I always enjoys my moments like the walks with my earphones,the quietness of the house when I’m washing the dishes.I think this kind of loneliness gives you time to get to know yourself.Something that is really important to become a full person.When you are in a relationship or constantly with somebody ,not always on purpose,you give up a part of yourself to be with the other person and avoid problems or arguments.I think the person ,whose relationship comes and goes and spends only a week without a partner,is going to feel later in her life that she doesn’t know who she is.I see these women and men in the middle of their twenties and they are so desperate that they may die alone or never find somebody.These people (as I experienced) don’t know patient or real acceptance because they rather conform just to not be alone and this makes the problems later.


However,on the other side there is the part when your mind,heart and soul desires the responses.The true,honest chats and arguments with somebody (and I don’t talk about the love of your life because this person can be just a friend too).The feeling when you starving those feelings and I tell you the lack of it is able to make you sad,depressed and angry.This is the only little thing I miss but I fight the negative feelings and I try to enjoy the empty small talks.Of course I have friends and family who I can talk ,but (as I mentioned in my first blog)their world and my world are too different and far from each other right now to satisfy my feelings.After all I still positive and enjoy the physical loneliness while I find the person or people who makes or make my world full.


It was my opinion about being alone and I’m sure not everybody agree with me but they don’t have to  and of course there are always exceptions.

As a goodbye let’s listen someone who knows his way.(Yep I just love that song.)


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