What a strange kid

I am sure you all have memories or your parents can easily call up a fewe from their minds about strange habits that you can’t explain from you early childhood .Some weird stuff that you always did when you were just a baby.Today I will share two memories with you.

The first one is from my parents.When I was just a baby and I didn’t do anything else just cry,cry and cry.At that time I had this horrible ,awful habit that made my parents think they should have taken me back to the hospital because their baby was broken.So in the middle of the night ,usually between midnight and 3 a.m. ,I woke up and started to cry.I’d been crying always for a whole hour,not more,not less.First my beloved ,really sleep deprived and desperate parents tried everything.Fed me,changed my diaper,walked around in the house but nothing worked.So after a few weeks(yes I’ve doing this for months!I know I was a cruel child.)They decided ,including my older brother too, they put their heads under their pillows and waited.Later I stopped this lovely habit,I’m sure my parents opened a battle of champagne when they realised their child wasn’t broken anymore.Yes after all they decided I was worth to keep.

However,few years later I think they asked themselves again,why did we keep her?Here comes my memory.I was about 4 or 5 years old and my parents always bought a special child magazine for us.We loved it.They bought it every month and read it for us.I don’t know why but I build this habit that I collected these magazines and put it  into a shoe box.First I just liked to sit on it.Later I had this impulse to tear it apart.You think oh every kids do it,yes I agree,but I didn’t finish my story.So after I teared it to pieces I put it back into my box and continued to sit on it.Sometimes I opened the box to touch the pieces and then I followed to sit on it.It’s kind of  ridiculous I am not able to remember why I did this ,but I can still evoke the feeling and it’s good.It was incredibly good feeling to tear it apart and later touch the pieces.

I can imagine how my parents sit next to table and just watch me and ask each other “Do you think it’s broken again?”and the answer “You know I’m sure it’s all fine,but we should hide the books,all the important papers and the money too.”

So that’s my story.Yup I was a strange kid even I can see it now.I don’t know maybe I’m still strange.

So tell me dear reader what’s your story?

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