Social sites

I have a Facebook and Twitter ,first I use to keep in touch with friends and find interesting articles and the second to get information about the world or my favourite singers,bands tv shows. I don’t use my real name  and I tell you why.

When I met the first social sites(that was time when the MySpace just became popular) I joined it with my real name(I was 15 or 16 years old I think)and everybody, who lived in the same town with me ,old friends who ones hurt me and we hadn’t been talking since that happened ,all of them wanted to add me as a friend and I just didn’t understand.

Why would someone be my friend on the Internet when face to face they never even talk to me?

So I deleted my account and didn’t look back.Few years later when the Facebook became a huge hit in my country with the game called Farmville I joined again because my boyfriend and his friends were addicted to the game and they needed neighbours.That time I was careful I chose a fake name. But I immediately got into the rat race too. I asked strangers to be my friends because I needed more neighbours and I was the person I didn’t want to be. We were all the time before the computer we sat next to each other but if we wanted to speak we rather wrote each other on Facebook than talk.It wasn’t the best kind of friend group.They had a really bad influence on me not with drugs and parties . It was a world of facebook ,its games and laziness.It wasn’t that bad but right now in my life I saw it as a poor decision.

Next year the friend group changed and I saw everything differently.So I tried again I deleted the games and strangers and I chose a new fake name.I had 10-15 friends and we rather met and talked than wrote each other.I stopped like everything and  wrote everything to my timeline. You know when you over sharing but for who and why?I cleaned up my past and  I was a new Facebook person.

So right now I have a Facebook with 56 friends and I know I should delete about 10 or 15 from them ,but I feel safe because I tell you the truth. I have a few friends and I choose very carefully what I like or follow,because I don’t need that timeline be crowded with all kinds of BS.However,all my friends has hundreds or thousands of friends and they like and follow every little thing. So when I share an article or a little information about myself they don’t even recognize it  on their timelines.Of course there some exceptions who respond and some who don’t watch their timeline anymore or use Facebook.

So the moral of my story that we should learn some social site manners and use it in a better way instead of how most of the people use it nowadays.

I know it was long but I have shorter story about Twitter.I like better easier shorter,but my friends don’t know it or like it.It’s not that popular here than in the U.S.A. I think. I follow my favourites and I happy to see if one of them share some information about their works or happy moments.

That’s all folks!Lets listen some music after this long writing(in your case reading).

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