Me and my thoughts

I am 27 years old and I live in a small town of a small country in Europe.English is my second language so I apologize for the mistakes ,but I really hope my blog will be understandable.

So I am 27 years old I am a girl and my head is full of crazy thoughts about everything(not bad kind of crazy it’s all good kind of crazy).However, I am kind of alone with them.I have a loving family(father,mother,brother,two cats and a really really old grandmother)and I have a small group of friends. All of them loves me with all my crazy,foolish and kind habits,but they don’t understand me.

There are two huge gaps between us ,the first is the knowledge of another language and the second is my curiosity.These two together make an  excellent mix and lonely life for me ,because all the loving people around me not curious enough or only know their mother language.After all just me and my thoughts so why am I here?

I just love English ,because by my second language I found “A whole new world,A new fantastic point of view”,just like Aladdin and Jasmin sing it in the Walt Disney movie,but my “flying rug” are that language and the Internet. Anyway I decided it’s time to use it.From now on I’m going to write here about my thoughts ,questions and anything is on my mind.I live in my head and I need to get out from there.I hope I will find some people who share the same ideas or just know the answers to my questions or can show a new point of view.

So please open my eyes,take me wonder by wonder ….and enjoy my crazy mazy thoughts.

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